Maury.  Hippie Jump, Kanawa Plaza 2014
Big Joe front blunt while Clem films and Danish lurks
SQUAD.  Kanawa Plaza, early fall 2014
Gilbert Crockett x Caleb Ocasio slap collab.

One cold day bout a year or two ago we skated the old factory on Broad and Boulevard in Richmond.  Much exploring of ruined and urine stained urban decay was had.  And a little skating.  Featuring Gilbert Crockett and Austin Plantinga    

Rusty: Hippie jump, summer 2014, Richmond VA
Hammershack back tail somewhere in DA HOOD 2013
an oldie of my gorgeos lady that I shot for Theif and Bandit clothing, now based out of Halifax, Canada.  
Yoshi Tanenbaum fakie tre in DC 2013

Hanging with a beautiful woman that drinks Bullet Rye and plays guitar is quite good